The people in here are REAL – it’s all meant for YOU to interact with them – and create a world of awesome together

Many people experience discovering “a different world” that they totally ignored, like the homeless, the African village, the ultra-rich, nature, tantric love, and often glide back into their own life, maybe even sad, guilty, or greedy … because they do not, cannot stay in those worlds, or fail to activate the required inner alchemy and daily practice to “live it” by themselves.

All that’s precious, I’ve had my fair share of entering other worlds and being able to shift between them at any time … but, for caring folks – isn’t a most important one “the world of ultra effective changemakers?!” and MAKE THIS WORLD part of ONE’S LIFE in PRACTICE? And to OPEN IT UP for others, even for all youth at all schools around you? TPG is your gate into this fascinating world.


the world of youth leadership + Activate Yourself


and interact


online, strongly


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AS YOU FOLLOW The Planetary Guardian, YL Magazine, the Boost! Club through the year … you will discover an incredible lot of solutions, and options to be active part with swift exciting steps, tuned to your passion, profession, partner projects, location … and make experiences that also enrich your personal and professional lives! 


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inspire + support teams


teachers, librarians, NGOs, journalists, councillors

It’s all casual, and still you’ll be surfing the tidal wave of human evolution. GROUPS – classes, citizen groups, city, business, organizations – can team up for partner projects with hero*ines. YOUTH TEAMS on fire to make changemaking their “sport” form high impact student clubs for close cooperation, live-meets with hero*ines, summer trainings camps and more. ADULTS can join our team, and connect with the heart of YL and avantgarde movements.


join an elite changemaker program + a life of adventure


LOCAL : give face2face presentations, exhibits, network, support


write, translate, edit, social media, artists …


Team up for programs, field partnerships, campaigns with YL and hero*ines

The solutions exist !

They are powered by ordinary people showered with awards, the media celebrate them as hero*ines, they are in high demand as speakers at the world’s top expert conferences, shows and schools, their stories are told at bedtime.

But TODAY’S GENIUSES NEED **YOU** to spread those solutions – through word and action.

Why do today's Einsteins and Gandhis need you as citizens and youth to help?

Because – other experts worldaround are busy, governments don’t understand or care, or consider it to be their role to implement solutions.

There is too much going on, and local, even national organizations are “provincial and backwards”, uninformed on solutions around the globe. See, no one outside North America has a clue of Youth Leadership’s spectacular dimensions across North America. There is so much more. And people especially lack vision for big changes. 

And then … societies are changing >> to citizen power and local sovereign co-creative governance.

That is exciting! And it needs acceleration, since 20th Century societal frameworks are now breaking apart, including political party interactions as we knew them. The solutions exist, but it requires that citizens annoyed with having “no say or influence” … now “learn to get witty, step into responsibility and implement the solutions” that make their schools, cities, regions, economies, media awesome, just and peaceful.

If you won’t, you’ll slide into hell. You sense that. If you do, you ascend to Paradise. That may be new to you. and it’s TRUE. the more you get involved here, you’ll start feeling it, and loving it, and rocking it – fresh and in celebration like the hero*ines you see in YOUTH-LEADER media. 

The Planetary Guardian helps those that wish to step into their powers as true youth and true adults, guardians of life on Earth, that are on sacred fire to help animals, kids, life on Earth to stay, and to thrive in peace once again.

You may think that you can not have much impact that is untrue. We give you high impact solutions that badass changemakers wield.

Here is what can happen when you spread the spirit online, seed flyers in town, gift books and media packs ...

1 inspired person may set up a Poster Exhibit at a cafe or public library, reaching 100s, even 1,000s of parents, youth, teachers …

1 inspired person may guide a LEVEL UP! Crash Course at school, inspiring students to form a changemaker student club uniting fired up students across classes and grades, easily 20, 50 or more, and take wekely actions in live coop, generating $10,000 a month, media presence, changing laws like Robyn, Madi, Xiuhtezcatl, Cassandra, setting up international project partnerships with Neha, Alicia and Anabelle, Craig, Namaste Nepal, annually getting 20.000 poor kids into school with Pooja, creating short films going viral like Abbie on the outdoors, regional natural and cultural heritage, and Coral on ugly stuff in popular foods …

1 inspired person may throw a Philanthro-Party at their business, scoring $10,000, or $100,000 like Erin. They may fire up staff to create a website, social campaign for Raabia to protect the Serengeti’s grand wildlife. 10 schools may join in, and youth crews team up to go visit, and activate 50 schools in the region to wake up local youth to start caring, stepping up as guardians, generating inter7national media presence sparking tons of follow-up activities, getting into airline board media and tourism lodges … 

1 youth crew can reach 10 schools, and each can reach 10 other schools, reaching a metropolitan city’s 1,000+ schools in a semester. And inform each on a bunch of campaigns incl making Ecocide a Crime Against Peace at the ICC – something that we experience the vast majority of young people WANT. Major planetary changes happen with knowledge, a shift in consciousness and priorities.

YOU have access, skills, and tools to seed, spark, support 100s of such high impact initiatives with win win for, youth, teachers, journalists, librarians, everyone involved … with simple steps.

WE ARE TODAY’S GANDHIS AND GANDALFS and now we need you to play the local elves, angels and warriors.

No matter what age!

You see, … the one on fire for a project need not be you. playing swift, casual messenger is already extremely precious. There are as many people as their are causes, and they will act on their passion. there is not need to think about who, when, where, maybe. Just seed the information with strong conviction. This takes ridiculously little effort, and come with many rewarding discoveries, encounters and feedback.


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