I show you how youth, teachers and citizens achieve to create inner and outer peace, joy and abundance – Paradise.

We come in like the Sun and the Rain and equip you with tools, tricks and partners – “seed packs” to create a Paradise Garden. Will you grow carrots, lettuce, wine or apricot orchards? It’s up to you to decide. Your options are bountiful. With me and the global YL worknet at your side, your options grow 100-fold. Guaranteed.


I have run sessions, workshops and week-long campuses for youth at and outside school, onsite and via video on 6 continents.

I have had a lot of 1-on-1 conversations with young adult changemakers, who experience them as strengthening, enlightening and empowering.

Be part & co-organize

The best week of my life.

European Youth Business Campus

These times are so horrible. I was hoping for an angel, and this angel came through you. I needed orientation on what’s going on, what’s is my role and what not. What you said totally resonates. I feel so relieved. I must say, your way of speaking is amazing. In plain words, enormous scope, the details, the truth, the empathy, and from the heart. You are a man of great intelligence. Thank you for spending your time with me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Conscious young adult


Epic coaches. Eric’s a legend.

European Youth Business Campus

My current coaching programs. Feel free to contact me for other formats.



‘LIVE’ Coaching

Do you want to solve a local challenge, activate a school etc. and feel stuck, need tips, tools, or local support?

We can meet for an online video chat, casual over cookies and coffee between warriors. I like recording these conversations for sharing with others on The Planetary Guardian. Don’t be shy – that’s the kind of important conversations to have on talkshows and podiums!

YL Masterclass

Are you fired up to make Youth Leadership present in your school, town, region, medium or profession?

I can accompany you over 2-12 weeks with a mix of

  • basic guidance
  • open conversations, feedback
  • tailored to your region, assets, focus, emerging partners and opportunities

You may be one person, or a group of people.

#BeMoreAwesome Crash Course

Do you wish to inform young people / school students on youth leadership, with an aim to kick off tangible actions aligned with their passions, form a changemaker student club, and support evolution of their activities? Also in collaboration of two and more schools, with local partners? 

The kick-off session (steps 1+2 of an 8 step process) lays the foundation.. it introduces the youth leadership phenomenon. It is a must for every teacher to use with their students! 

If time is limited to one 90-min sessioninspired students can self-organize follow-up steps 3-8 with ever more action. Steps 1-8 are best taken within 2-8 weeks, with our without my presence onsite or via internet



You can also guide the course yourself

like YL Volunteers do, after training yourself with The Tutorial, or even better the Persoanal Crash Course for Adults. I can also join via video.

Project Week or Action Campus

I can guide fired up youth through steps 1-8.

Do you wish to address a critical issue

… like violence, harassment, food scarcety, bad governance, and achieve robust changes? We can tune the Crash Course to almost any focus causes that you and your students care for. View YL Masterclass and Activate Your City Campaign below.


Are you a city council (or similar), and wish to strongly nurture a culture of youth leadership in your region?

This campaign runs 2 or 3 phases of 2 weeks each.

1st a wave of LEVEL UP! Crash Courses at X schools
Steps1+2, then step 3 strategy workshop, concluding with a meet-up of inspired youth of all X schools, forming focus teams for causes, generating first media presence on the inspirational experience, instant actions and decisions.
2nd wave of LEVEL UP! Crash Courses at XY schools
with participation of 1st wave students. In parallel, focus teams will organize steps 4-5-6 actions at their schools, online, in public, activate adult allies and workplaces, and use occasions like UN Days, school and town fests, generating remarkable collective impact, public and media presence, new ideas and opportunities. We conclude with a meet-up of inspired 1st and 2nd wave students, and plan what’s next.
Phase 3 - self-organized follow-up actions
In Phase 3, student teams take their activities to the next level, and add ‘vivid positive news reporting’ to spread their message at schools, online, to newsletters, organizations, YL and news media. It concludes with a meet-up, personal reports to gain their official YL Badge.
Fired up youth are able to self-organize as high impact student clubs, and have access to the full scope of resources, partners and support in Change Generation RISING.

The results will be precious, or even spectacular

sending ripple effects through the community. Definitely, it will be the best thing about ‘youth empowerment’, ‘active citizenship’ and ‘positive news’ thing that ever happened in town, the region, potentially the country or continent. After all, so far we see nothing of the kind.

Take a gameful approach and show them

what good governance can do. Show off, have fun, score national media presence and awards – because you’ll deserve them. Awards and media presence and celebration wake people up, remember? When you do this stuff, you emerge as the city role model that your country needs! The stars are the youth, but you helped them appear and do fireworks. That’s precisely the role of adults.


Activated youth can join year-round action with a global changemaker community.


Do you want to never stop, and make youth leadership your ‘sport’, casual or even full-time like an athlete?

#BEMOREAWESOME is a groundbreaking year-round action learning program for youth age 8 to 18 to unfold their powers to the max, equipped with 400+ actions of 100+ hero*ines, and backed by a powerful, like-hearted global tribe. 

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Youth age 8-18 can grow up taking action in “live” cooperation with outstanding changemakers around the planet. Connected via internet, youth take action on their favorite causes, using action guides designed on wildly successful initiatives with “live” support, badges and more. It perfectly fits integration in learning culture at school.

Adult Allies have important roles to play as YL Volunteers, Boost! Club members (support financially, in-kind, activate workplaces and citizenry), teachers and partners.

YL Summer Camp

Do you wish to run or join a magical and empowering changemaker trainings for youth, and maybe also parents and adult allies?

We meet in the spirit of ‘Discover the Planet : Protect the Planet’ – uniting activated youth across the continent (and parents and YL Volunteers) with magically skilled crew + hero*ines + surprise guests …

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… for 1+ weeks in majestic nature setting for a life-changing experience, with a mix of hikes, rafting, yoga, bodywork, storytelling, learning, workshops, bonding, planning new campaigns … and participants will stay connected through changemaking projects in the CG RISING program … can it get any more epic?!


Practically no adult or professional has a true understanding of their potentials for boosting high impact youth leadership – or we would be seeing flocks of hero*ines and amazing student clubs.

Adults have enormous power to spark and cultivate youth leadership. Surprisingly, it only takes simple, common sense steps, with remarkable impact at home and abroad. Plus, it’s super rewarding. Hence, I offer learning resources, coaching and community for the major different groups of adults.


Teachers, librarians, city councillors, journalists and organizations share the CORE PURPOSE of “empowering youth for active citizenship”.

Each can take simple steps to kick off and cultivate youth leadership in their region. After a brief general orientation, we can take quick steps, also aligned with your motivation, your region’s needs, assets, potentials and priorities.

Society needs you! Please start activating your profession.

For everybody that loves young hero*ines, wishes to see them thrive, also see local youth wake up, and is willing to do their little part

Take simple, powerful steps to BOOST! young hero*ines and local youth – through finance and in-kind supporteffortlessly tuned to your lifestyle, profession, resources, relations and TIME. Start with the Personal Crash Course and YL Boost! Club. I am happy to meet up and help you reach bigger dreams and goals – which are also mine and the hero*ines’.

Our youth need you, and you can need a good dose of daily inspiration. Try it out, you’ll love it!

Do you wish to see youth leadership and positive changes florish in your region?You can wield everything we have in YL, and spark everything you see on this page.

Inspire local youth and students, cooperate with global hero*ines, network with local allies, equipped with tools and global community. Choose your favorite actions aligned with your resources, talent, causes and contacts.

We have a planet to save, and if you feel any love, outrage, anxiety about the future, the most powerful step is to activate the Change Generation at your region’s schools, and all the Allies you read about in this section.

Positive News Media Culture

Do you wish to add meaning and purpose to your profession, better enjoy life at work and interactions with your community?

Reconnect with journalism’s true purpose – the upliftment of society – through inspiration, vision, solutions and support, and interactive formats.
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Our magic box of tricks as always – hero*ine solution stories! And : awakening local protagonists : youth at school, key professionals, changemakers of all sorts.

Participants can follow up equipped with on teen and adult hero*ines, high impact solutions, vivid storytelling, UN Days, local allies and global partners, in friendly collaboration with YL media programs and platforms.

We can also tune this to a particular campaign or focus that you have in mind.