Do you want to learn about youth leadership, also at school, its powers for solving local and global problems, and how you can make robust positive changes, short- and long-term, with lots of fun, amazing partners, exciting goals and results, flair of adventure, personal benefits and new friends and allies? Well, I have a lot to say about it.

Even better, I have concrete tools, partners and opportunities for it, for exciting follow-up actions without limits. 


  • Youth leadership
  • Youth leadership at School
  • Adult Allies – caring citizens, activating everybody’s workplace, key professions : teachers, librarians, journalists, city councillors, civil organizations
  • Positive News Media Culture

as well as, the big picture on

  • our current civilizational and cultural shift
  • state of the planet and societies
  • new politics and governance
  • able, active caring citizenship
  • and how the upper list is key for a good future

My signatures are SPIRIT …

For youth, it’s usually an event’s highlight, since I bring in all these unknown super inspirational hero videos, big good news, personally connect with youth as adult sovereign personalities of much greater force than they are usually recognized for, speak truth and appeal to their badass warrior spirit.

Suffering, worry, sadness, love, outrage, power, determination, vision are all safe with me.


Everything that I speak about, the solutions, the methods, can be instantly applied in your home territory’s context. The tools, guidance and partners are available … with a million options to improvize, combine, adapt and add to – to forge the future one wants to see.

Book Eric

  • for a class or school
  • an event, workshop
  • a conference, podium
  • a project day or week
  • an interview for print, radio, tv

+ check out teacher / coaching options for follow-up action

The best session of the entire week, by far.

European Youth Week

You should have held the keynote.
Chinese Youth

UNESCO Conference, Paris

You just changed my life.
Youth activist

Conference, India

I knew young people were doing stuff, but this is sensational. I feel adrenalin rushing through all my body. I want everybody in my country to know this, and change everything.
Young adult


To me, our encounter

… is not a brief presentation. Of course, you can leave it with that, but my experience is that people are on fire to do good for people and planet, and that our sessions lead to ideas, wish and momentum to do something. And this must be honored, it is precisely what the world needs. Hence, to me an encounter is a potential start of a exciting ventures, or a highlight of something we started a while back.

I do not leave you alone and empty-handed. I want  inspired youth, teachers and adult allies to be able to turn their good intentions into action, to feel and live their hearts! Hence, I bring everything I know, tools galore, access to a planetary tribe, year-round action – so that you can self-organize yourself real fast, for anything you want, really!

I also guide you to next steps, to actions, to hero*ines, also tailored to your context, needs and aims, and I can accompany your changemaking journey.

I’m available to coach and converse via skype, in workshops, project weeks, camps, conferences …

with my full attention and desire to make caring citizens and young budding hero*ines unfold their powers and achieve their dreams beyond their wildest dreams.

Support / Co-Produce

Do you like this approach?

I look for like-minded folks

  • willing to organize
  • and coach in this spirit
  • at workshops and summer camps

with and without me.

My approach

“Heroines are so inspirational” – this means : they inspire people to get up and get involved. It actually fires up their inner flame, their spirit, their Inner HeroIne. That’s how change happens.

Hence … my priority focus is on helping people have an EXPERIENCE.

This requires that we permit people to open their hearts, and open their minds, also some time, and preferably opportunity to turn their newly found passion into action through follow-up activities.

Through YL, I provide options galore. The session’s organizer should just be aware that this session is best meant as a potential spark and kick off for more, self-organized by inspired youth.

If we can only meet via video

  • you should prepare your group with the Presentation Pack, homework etc.
  • so that we have a common understanding for a profound conversation
Inspiration has little value, if you receive a brief feelgood moment, feel some hope and vision of “what could be, in your life, for your generation, for the future” … but are left empty-handed, doomed to feel powerless, isolated, and switch back to boring as usual.

I am not satisfied with this. i want you to be confident and ready to do things and be part of the Change Generation.

I offer a wide range of efficient tools for spreading the inspiration, taking instant action on favorite causes, making youth leadership present at schools, libraries, the workplace, in public space and media. This means you can start taking action on important, popular causes, mobilize schools, build community, make impact and headlines with flying banners!

Tools are one thing, but in isolation, one’s potentials are limited.

What if you had some guidance, exciting partners, community and support?

I can provide such for inspired youth, teachers and citizens.

Speakers galore, a couple of causes, petitions, a cookie sale for Christmas … there’s more than that, bigger than this, more important and needed things.

I have a lot of instant high impact actions for you – in direct collaboration with your favorite teen and twen heroInes – giving a feel of your agency and big impact within a couple of days and weeks.

I like best…

People that care
If people don’t care, why should we meet? Do you want me to inspire a group of uncaring people? Shouldn’t I be used for more relevant and advanced matters?

  • One reason why people don’t care is that they do not know of the exciting world of youth leadership.
  • We can ignite people’s care and interest by showing them the amazing things young people are rocking for people and planet – in their own, powerful words and videos.

Me and YL Volunteer (Messengers) do give Presentations, with videos, stories etc. at schools and conferences

  • but it makes no sense via Skype

I recommend that you prepare using the LEVEL UP! Crash Course Session 1+2 combined in a 90+ min session

Instead of me flying in like an alien UFO, holding a frontal monologue about a diferent world, … I prefer that we can have a creative conversation … with common ground :

love and passion for youth leadership – and the desire to know how one can be part of making this part of life in one’s city and beyond.

You can prepare in excellent form by organizing a LEVEL UP! Crash Course group session of 90+ minutes, viewing

  • a couple dozen heroIne stories
  • videos and music
  • essentials of youth leadership
  • youth leadership at school

Preparation gives students time to digest, discuss, re-define their idea of youth and themselves, to dream up questions and ideas for our encounter. This bring us at eye-level of sorts, with “passion for the same sport and vibe”, and raises the ambience of our meeting.

For an optimal encounter, I recommend preparing with the LEVEL UP! Crash Course steps1+2

  • introducing your group to various heroInes
  • their spirit and passion
  • causes and actions for everybody
  • powerful, amazing videos, music and stories
  • simple steps of action

You can

  • assign a homework : each student studies the poster / online profile of one heroIne
  • each student presents his hero/ine to class, puts up their poster
  • creating a highly intensive session, with everybody involved
  • creating a poster exhibit
  • with time for feedback, experiencing shared passion, burning questions and ideas
  • and inspiration for instant actions
  • 2 hours are enough, you can make it 4

Then is a fantastic time for us to meet!

  • at eye- and heart-level, with shared passion and vision
  • for Q&A, to deepen understanding
  • to share fun, amazing anecdotes
  • maybe even already celebrate common achievements?!

I have found that it makes the most of encounters.

P.S.: If you are meeting with teenage hero*ines, we use  heroInes’ action guides (story, video, interview, social media, action steps) to prepare. Students will know their story (we can skip reading out the same story and pdf time and again), have questions to ask, they can also prepare ways to give back to the hero*ines.

The optimal form of giving back is to take action in support of the hero*ine’s initiative before the meeting. This adds a common experience, something to celebrate and a human bond… that’s a rare and uplifting experience for your students, and the hero*ines. Use the occasion to organize such an activity. The upcoming encounter will raise their motivation for achieving milestones and making special gifts!

My Message to Caring Adults

I have really GOOD NEWS in this time when so-called experts on “high councils to the Government” state that “the old is dying, the new is not yet born, it is the time of monsters”, and even if you may agree with that statement, I tell you:

“That view is way behind. All you need to do is switch on the light, and you’ll see that the new is already here:”

The new species of teenage changemakers has already changed lives, laws, learning culture and industries at record speed and scale, with changemaker student clubs at 16,000 schools, and then there’s more than 3,000 adult social entrepreneurs with people-powered solutions for everything, on 3 websites alone. And towns have successfully switched to new models of governance. You just have to stop behaving like in the dark 50s and wake up to the new 60s.

I also like to refer to how everybody stares in shock at their daily news and twitter feeds, by saying

“Stop staring in fascination at the toilet bowl of history as the unsustainable civilization and its ugly ghouls and demons go down the drain. Instead lift your gaze to the light, see the bright, new, join it and walk away from the ugly.

“If us teens can do it, all youth can,” today’s teen hero*ines tell us. The point is to activate this new Operating System in yourself, and all those around you.

Other people understand it this way:

“So why sit brooding in the ruins of Minas Tirith, while Lothlorien elves are swarming across the land, restoring peace and Paradise? Go join them, and be awesome!”

The steps are simple, and the tools and support networks are in place. All you need to invest is half a day, and then you’re ready to roll. You’ll attain Local Hero*ine level in a month, no worries. And then, off to monster impact.

If you want, we can start right now, after tea and cookies, and plan for your town, your workplace, your relations, your goals. And we won’t stop.

Why People Choose Eric

Think of Liverpool FC and Juergen Klopp, and you get the idea. Being Adult doesn’t mean one has to be boring.

  • Full power changemaking
  • unbridled passion
  • youthful spirit
  • conveys young and adult changemakers’ spirit
  • faith, fun, magic


These times are so horrible. I notice I was hoping for an angel. And this angel came through you. You are a man of great intelligence. The grand scope, the details, the plain words, the truth, the empathy, and from the heart. Thank you for spending your time with me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Conscious young adult