I want all kids of today to grow up with finest teenage hero spirit of ‘Youth We Can’,

and have direct access to powerful solutions for causes they care for, and can self-organize action, in the family, with friends, and at their daily hangout : schools!

So, I design in ways that they can turn newly found inspiration into fun action with superb tools and partners, quick rewarding results, fascinating ‘live’ encounters with hero*ines, and unlimited opportunities to ‘do more’ and

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New Kids On The Planet

52 young hero*ines, essentials of youth leadership, adult allies, and steps for getting started. Links to multimedia profiles with videos, music and more.

YL Magazine


Coloring Book

The 7 Virtues

with focus on the spirit of young hero*ines. What makes them special, and how we can cultivate this spirit in ourselves.



48 teenage hero*ines with stories and QR links to videos on backsides. Play as “a mix of top trumps, yu gi-oh and lol”. A micro book, teaching tool, companion and conversation starter.


My True Hero*ines

52 weeks with teen hero*ines, aligned with UN Theme Days. Stories, QR-links with action tips. What kind of person will you be after one year of interaction with them?

Student Planner



A must for every kid on the planet today.
Kjell Kuehne


We need this in 27,000 American libraries.
Media professional

Conference, USA

A blessing for parents and children.
Robin Grille

Parenting author


Online Tutorial and Crash Course

to activate oneself

as youth, adult, YL Volunteer, key professional (teacher, librarian, journalist, city councillor, civil society).

Workshop Pack

#BeMoreAwesome Crash Course for groups, esp. school classes

5 step introduction to youth leadership, from inspiration to action, forming a student club, taking action, to public and media presence.

1 session with steps 1+2 to kick off. follow-up can be self-organized by inspired youth. Or guide all 5 steps in 1 project week or 4+ weeks.

LearnSpaces Manual


Grand SDG Challenge


Activate Your City


Story Set


Poster Exhibit

48 hero*ines and essentials of youth leadership

with interactive elements, questionnaire for children.

XXL Ambience Posters


I act in a spirit of service to the hero*ines,

so their projects and dreams receive support.

I want 100% pure changemaker spirit,
unfiltered by non-hero authors (not even by my glorious self), since each hero*ine is different, and activates different keys in the audience.

Hence, I use only hero*ines’ authentic photos, videos, statements, immerse myself in their world, social media, interviews, meet them ‘live’, and from all this I compose short stories interlinked with online multi-media profiles with ‘best-of’ collections of videos, action guides and more.

I want that today's amazing hero*ines receive the feedback and support they deserve.
They brighten the lives of so many, and give all of us hope. I want that their dreams be realized; this means that others take up the baton, contribute to their initiatives and take them to planetary scale – because the hero*ines’ aspirations do not end with their own work – they want all of humanity and the entire planet to benefit from their solution. And their entire generation to rise and fix everything. So, I always design with ‘action for them’ in mind.
I act in a spirit of service to the audience, so they can realize their dreams for people and planet.
I want that all caring citizens can live their dreams for people and planet,
and their dreams as parents, as teachers and professionals – so I design with them in mind. I respond to their questions, give them ideas, activity and teaching tools to informally weave youth leadership into their daily (professional) lives, with many win-win benefits, guidance, support and a rich scope of amazing partners, so that inspired students can self-organize actions, as student clubs, and in collaboration with teachers and adult allies. This way, adults are free to act as they please. There is no extra weight on their shoulders in their busy lives.
Activating our young generation requires making the spirit of youth leadership omni-present.
Hence, I design a wide scope of media formats, remixed for different users, uses and settings. They suffice to make youth leadership omni-present in a city population’s lives – at home, at schools, in public and media. It’s about as much as one author can do. Now it’s about people to understand that sparking and cultivating youth leadership is the key to a good future.
I guess that YOUTUBER counts as author, too …

The Planetary Guardian

Everything I know

for those that truly care for youth, people and planet.