I want to provide caring people of all ages full power inspiration for Youth Leadership (and its related fields sustainability solutions, able, active, caring citizenship, collaborative governance …) as well as opportunity to turn inspiration into action for people and planet, and to evoke big changes that their heart desires and their regions need.
Media alone are not enough. There is also need for methods, support, coaching and community. So, I sat down I designed projects pulling together all the gems I know, to serve everybody’s special focus and passion – so they recognize their angle, part in it, and enjoy it.

The tools and tricks are common sense

We all use them. Now we use them for youth leadership.

  • simple to wield
  • designed to make it fun, because good spirit is key!
  • rewarding results
  • allowing for creativity

Their use enriches daily life

At last we can live our values, weave doing good into daily lives at home and the workplace. That’s what really unlocks big action by many citizens. #fulltimeforfuture
Your kind of thinking is very rare.
Polly Higgins

Earth Lawyer, Make Ecocide a Crime Campaign

The epitome of youth leadership.
Ken Jones

Environmental educator legend

We need YOUTH-LEADER at all of Canada’s schools.
Emma Mogus

Youth activist, World's Children's Prize Ambassador

Support / Co-Produce

Help me

A continuous source of inspiration.
Andrea Mendez-Brandam

N+ Noticias Positivas Argentina, Radio Magazine

Thank you for helping me realize my dream.
Babar Ali

World's youngest headmaster, India

These projects are active, or ready for activation

They are made for you to use.

If you want to see youth empowered, get involved!

Be part in bringing them to your region and the world.

The challenge

The solutions exist, powered by ordinary people, replicable by youth and citizens everywhere.

  • We tell them in exciting ways
  • reaching into schools, public, workplaces, online
  • enabling action
  • supporting hero*ines


is a positive news magazine about solutions and changemakers, telling the story of the rise of the Change Generation, in real-time, with many unique aspects that make an enormous difference for relevant impact.

We publish like no one else, and everyone should read this weekly – especially young people, teachers and caring citizens:

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  • only pure and high impact solutions
  • focus on youth leadership, at and beyond school
  • telling today’s teen hero*ines’ adventures as they unfold, over years, interacting with the audience
  • columns of the world’s creative visionaries
  • change generation music and art
  • with instant action opportunities
  • featuring news, stories and achievements of global youth, teachers and citizens boosting youth leadership and positive changes in Change Generation RISING

so that readers can be part, turn into users, contribute and get published.

We publish in various formats for greater reach :

  • online magazine
  • print on-demand; for schools, cafes, canteens, waiting rooms …
  • 12-page micro-magazines; flyers / brochures; for seeding in one’s community
  • table mats for family restaurants
  • poster style for wall displays at school and in public

We employ young and adult volunteer writers,
to live their passion with purpose, in personal touch with today’s hero*ines reaching into schools and public, where no one else reaches, making it a highly rewarding experience.

We train “positive news media culture”,
inform on the science behind youth leadership and active citizenship, and highlight leading positive news publications on the planet.

Inspired by the experience, some of our volunteer alumni have changed their field of study and moved into journalism.

Be part + support

  • writer, editor, web editor, layouter
  • share stories both ways


invest in 1 year operation: 48,000 €

The challenge

The knowledge and hero*ines exist, but they are invisible to people.

People only see bits of information, lack overview how things fit together, and how problems in society can be solved.

I explain things in casual, common sense language, and enable people to get involved.

Youtube Channel

[focus : knowledge transfer, for sharing online]

I can’t bear listening to the nonsense and abominations that I read, see and hear on media and from people. Also, I see how people benefit when I explain things. And I want the world to know of hero*ines, and join their ventures.

So, I call in wonderful people for some fun time, to talk about solutions, give people hope, empower them, and to promote everything YL to the world.

It’s not my priority choice to spend even more time in front of camera and screen. So please pay attention and be part.

Be part + support

  • contribute to shows
  • share on social media

tell the world about it with articles, interviews

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The challenge

Young people like to help, want to learn solutions, can unfold enormous life skills, have superpowers like their hero*ine peers.

But they are left isolated and empty-handed.

We equip them with humanity’s finest solutions, tools, methods, support and changemaker community, with much fun and benefits.

Change Generation RISING

[focus : youth action, high impact student clubs]

CG RISING is a year-round training and learning program that all inspired folks can join to unfold their powers to the max, equipped with 400+ actions of 100+ hero*ines, and backed by a powerful, like-hearted global tribe. 

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Youth age 8-18 can grow up taking action in “live” cooperation with outstanding changemakers around the planet. Connected via internet, youth take action on their favorite causes, using action guides designed on wildly successful initiatives with “live” support, badges and more. It perfectly fits integration in learning culture at school.

Adult Allies have important roles to play as YL Volunteers, Boost! Club members (support financially, in-kind, activate workplaces and citizenry), teachers and partners.

Designed like an adventure reality game, players start with a crash course tutorial, and then go on monthly missions following their favorite hero*ines’ example. Each hero*ine has an action guide with level 1-4 actions, simple to advanced for greater impact.

There’s plenty of tools for presentations, poster exhibits, flyers, workshops, “meet-ups”, “live” coaching, hero speakers, field partners and curricula, for action at school, online and in public space, with guidance to team up with local partners, gain media presence and have the time of their lives.

Warriors gain badges for completed missions, credits for impact and headlines made, level up every 3 missions, and their chronicles develop into a visual CV of Awesome. At season’s end (school semesters), we gather online for celebration, storytelling and honors. Badges and patches are shipped by surface mail.

During holidays, warriors are welcome to visit hero*ines as guests and volunteers. Others join YL Summer Camp. Others run their own activities, or take time off.

CG RISING is the ticket to a life of awesome, massive impact through scaling best practices, and a good future for everyone involved. With YL Warrior Clans at every school, the future will be fine.

Be part + support

  • join as youth
  • as adult volunteer

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invest in 1 year operation: 48,000 €

The challenge

Activated youth are limited to their region, lack personal access to fellow young activists, teen and adult changemakers.

We unite them – on holidays and summer breaks.

YL Summer Camps

[focus : unite active teens with grand changemakers for awesome trainings and experiences]

Imagine you are a fired up youth active in CG RISING running world-changing projects with your class- and clubmates. What will you do during holidays? And what do they think about summer camps with hero*ines? “I wanna be there!” – and we make this possible in the most magical ways imaginable.

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We invite Warriors in the Change Generation Rising program from across the continent to gather for amazing summer training camps in majestic nature setting. 1+ weeks

  • with magically skilled crew, hero*ines, surprise guests
  • also parents, adult allies and YL Volunteers

in the spirit of ‘Discover the Planet : Protect the Planet

… for a life-changing experience with a mix of

  • hikes, rafting, yoga, bodywork
  • storytelling, learning, workshops
  • bringing own projects and causes
  • bonding, planning new campaigns

… and participants will stay connected through changemaking projects in the CG RISING program.

Can it get any more epic?

Be part + support

  • join as youth
  • join as crew
  • fund a camp and stipends for youth
  • in-kind : provide camp space

The challenge

People donate, are willing to help in-kind. Schools love meaningful projects, but their options are limited.

Young Hero*ines need financial and in-kind support.

We connect them in exciting ways.

The YL Boost! Club

[focus : fonations, funding]

is a co-creative crowdfunding community that

  • boosts global teen and twen hero*ines with donations, funds, in-kind support, open doors, teaming up for projects, and even visits
  • boosts local youth leadership by seeding media, giving presentations, and supporting inspired youth teams with everything that local partners have

in exciting, unprecedented ways.

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We select outstanding hero*ines that lead high impact initiatives, and vividly document their activities on social media.

We provide lots of tools, inspirational stories and media, tricks, ideas for in-kind support.

We provide a unique, lively experience:

  • see impact unfold on hero*ines’ social media
  • meet-up “live” on video
  • celebrate achievements, Q&A
  • bring in own ideas and resources
  • plan what’s next

which makes everyone involved really feel their agency, creates a wonderful bond, enriches daily life, creates so many stories to share with friends and family, and opens up wonderful opportunities for years to come.

There is enormous potential for taking high impact solutions to inter/national levels, spark new ventures, activate citizens, local youth leadership, generating local positive news, boosting mental health, and a sense of active citizenship.

Let’s unleash it. Every person, every group of friends, every school, every city matters, since each will reach many others.

Be part + support

  • donate to hero*ines and YL programs
  • help in-kind
  • activate friends
  • join the team, spread the news 
  • invest in your city

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The challenge

Fired up schools, donors and groups love going beyond short donations. But they lack access to exciting projects with opportunity to bring in own ideas, skills and relations.

Young changemakers are flexible, like entrepreneurs, and need financial and in-kind support.

We connect the two, with guidance.

YL Field Partners

[focus : long-term project cooperation]

Some of our hero*ine friends make fantastic partners for schools, and citizen groups that like teaming up for recurring donations and FUNdraising.

*A very special experience* :

  • genius people whose approach makes big impact
  • support takes it to the next inter/national level!

We literally experience shaping history and the future!

  • open to trying out new interactions
  • you can bring in own ideas
  • we meet live online, you can even go visit

We also offer working on starting new initiatives. Exciting!

Be part + support

  • join a project
  • recommend a Field Partner

tell the world about it

The challenge

Teachers and event organizers wish to inspire youth and adults with real-life encounters, but lack local changemakers, and access to global hero*ines.

We connect with outstanding changemakers, and add options to get involved.

YL Speakers

We promote outstanding young and adult changemakers, global experts and YL Staff to those aware that “we have a planet to save”

  • in person, via video
  • to schools, events, cities
  • for speeches, workshops and campaigns

with exciting follow-up opportunities

with resources to prepare, study, even take action
  • to enable a vivid conversation
  • to liberate time for anecdotes, ideas
  • to enable contributions, give back
  • to celebrate common achievements
  • to enable follow-up, also self-organized as student club

thereby going far beyond anything lukewarm edutainment. We meet because we have a planet to save!

Be part + support

  • book a speaker
  • tell a good teacher
  • recommend speakers to events

tell the world of won-derful hero*ines ready to help youth and teachers do good

The challenge

Citizens wish to help spread youth leadership, also in their profession, but need ideas, tools and guidance to get started and evolve.

We provide self-learning materials and resources for different user groups that inspire and guide through activities.

Crash Courses for Adults

Citizens want to take action, professionals want to use it, citizens wish to help – but they need guidance.

These tutorials and crash courses introduce people to many facets of youth leadership and guide them through the rich resources, tricks and possibilities with YL … in fun, exciting ways, exploring multimedia, taking swift actions online and onsite, and reflecting on the experience.

It changes worldview and you’ll know : “Wow, I have my hands full of tools to evoke an enormous lot of changes.”

Where else can you experience this? So dig in!



You want to take action, professionals want to use it, citizens wish to help – but they need guidance. I don’t want to spend my whole life in chats with people, so I designed tutorials that give a rapid insight to all the tricks, magic, vision and possibilities … in fun, exciting ways, reading short texts, watching short hero clips, enjoying their music, taking swift actions online and onsite, and reflecting on the experience. Here they are.


ACTIVATE YOURSELF : Crash Course for Youth
ACTIVATE YOURSELF : Crash Course for Adults
ACTIVATE YOURSELF : Key Professionals
Be part + support

  • take your course
  • tell us about your experience
  • share with others

tell the world how adults can boost youth leadership

The challenge

There is need to empower youth to self-organize high impact activities, year-round.

Teachers, parents and youth wish to inspire students, but lack tools, methods and long-term support.

We provide a (self-organized) course from inspiration to forming student clubs,  action and projects with hero*ines around the planet, reaching into the community.

LEVEL UP! Crash Course
for Youth Groups & Classes

This one’s really exciting news!

This 1- to 8 step course inspires youth for youth leadership, empowers them for action on their favorite causes, team up, collaborate with teachers, plan ahead, draft big campaigns, generate presence in public and media, … and self-organize year-round fireworks of 400+ actions with local and global partners. Yeah, mighty.

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American youth can easily develop projects, but with Europeans it seems impossible, like if there is a blank in their mind.

Hence, this course is designed to not just “inspire”, but also to bridge the gap between inspiration and action with instant, exciting experiences of impact, agency, and unlimited opportunities ahead.

An important key in this process is to spark deep heart-centred com/passion, bundle group passion, and direct it into an action cooperation that all agree upon.

Expressing and surfing on a wave of passion … is easy for Americans, but a big deal for others, including Europeans, but we make the experience that this simple workshop works.

Also, “dreaming big” is easy for Americans, but a major reason why others fail to achieve. Also, following up with robust steps and confidence is easy for Americans, but practically unknown to others.

Since everybody’s all up for the crappy American stuff, this is the time to activate the finest aspect of American ‘energy’ in each of us, and that’s bold, badass changemaker spirit.

Stop being boring. Start being AWEsome!

How can we make the biggest epic impact, make it most fun, even make it spectacular, for even more fun, reaching even more people via national media, for even more fun, more impact, sparking follow-up ?

As always, the magical ingredient is authentic hero*ine spirit, following their roadmap to success, using 108 tricks, and inspired by dozens of visually stunning stories – draft one’s own roadmaps, ready for action. Then, more actions follow.

The course has 8 modules that build up on one another.

Each is complete and satisfying by itself.

The experience of success naturally leads to interest in learning the next trick, for ever bigger impact – through reaching milestones, activating one’s entire school, activating adults, generating public and media presence.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

It can be run in 1 intensive week or over 4, 8 weeks… and then, there’s no limit.

Upon completion participants receive an official YL Badge and access to walk the path of the Warrior in the Change Generation Rising program.

We can run this as city-wide campaign. View Coach.

Be part + support

  • tell a good teacher
  • organize a course
  • call us in if you wish us to guide it

seed media packs to schools and libraries

The challenge

We need to empower our young generation at grand scale.

  • Youth leadership is the way
  • The place is their daily hangout : school

Teachers and students lack know-how, resources and partners, as well as finance and time.

We provide resources, tips and support to cultivate youth leadership in simple, non-formal ways.

YL at School

makes youth leadership omni-present part of daily life and learning culture, in class, on school grounds, in the community and local media. The steps are simple, taken by

  • teachers
  • inspired students, changemaker student clubs

using a wide range of common activities, tuned to youth leadership and high impact actions.

Schools can earn the YL School Seal.

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  • ‘add-ons’ to bring global issues alive, such as solution stories, hero*ine role models, videos, music/al
  • with exciting ways to make a real world impact
  • and creatively contribute to the YL platform, media and community through uploading one’s creations
  • LEVEL UP! Crash Course to change young people’s worldview on youth, themselves, the world, their future, life at school, the power of one, shared values
  • Recognizing ‘Our New Highly Gifted’, youth that care for people and planet, and how to relate; view below
  • High Impact Student Clubs unite inspired youth across classes and grades, set up a public HQ, that develops into an alternating exhibit and LearnScape serving the entire school community, and self-organize multi-faceted fireworks of action in partnership with hero*ines, teaming up with teachers to contribute to subjects, fests and projects
  • Informal YL Curriculum, each teacher applies a facet of youth leadership once per semester
  • YL School Seal; tick off a set of measures for gold, tree and heavens status, showing that your school is on track to nurture an able, active, caring citizenry, and that staff and parents are living up to their role as Adults.


Be part + support

  • use at your school
  • tell a good teacher, caring youth and parents

seed media packs to schools and libraries

tell the world what schools can be like

The challenge

People wish to inspire local youth, spark change, but lack tools, guidance, supportive community.

People are willing to contribute time and skill, but can only so at their own time, via internet.

We run amazing projects, need passionate crew but have no budget.

We bring it together through simple, highly rewarding volunteering opportunities.

YL Volunteers

Inspired by Wikipedia’s approach – “harnessing skills and time for free by uniting people sharing the same passion, while enriching their daily lives” we have been involving 1,000s of volunteers since 2005. 

It helps up create a lot of value with minimum financial resources, minimal personnel and office cost, and maximise impact, while growing our super friendly co-creative community, and reach around the world. It’s fun!

seed info, give presentations, crash courses, support inspired youth, network with media and partners.

This is a very rich and multi-faceted venture.

It’s up to volunteers whether they want to do a little bit, focus on their strengths, or learn and try everything. Every bit helps. We encourage you to try the full scope.

Also, volunteers

  • will meet many people, partners, youth teams, friendly allies
  • can form Local YL Chapters (focus on youth leadership)
  • can form Local Boost! Club Units (focus on donations

and advanced volunteers can support Youth Teams.

You can also bring in own ideas. Your evolving activities, experience and relations will by most useful.

act as writer, editor, translator, team coordinator, graphic artist, social media wizard to co-create

  • YL Magazine
  • YL social media
  • the YL Community

and enjoy

  • the inspiring vision of interacting with hero*ines, helping them, sparking youth leadership at schools …
  • friendly community of like-hearted folks
  • learning of solutions and changemakers
  • learning of positive news media culture

and receive certificates

They can also bring on own ideas, run regional magazine editions etc.

Be part + support

  • join as local volunteer
  • join as online volunteer

tell the world about it