I seek crew, partners, users and supporters for all my projects and services.

Teaming up with me is based on full-on power determination for the good of people and planet, for the sacred spirit of Life on Earth. On heart and trust on bottom lines. The spoken word matters. I converse and ally with captains. I do not negotiate with assistants.

I team up with you for things that you truly care about, things that make you cry. We can move great things together, and we shall aim for great things together. For things no one pulled off before in that region, things that bliss people, and are worthy of half page articles at least.

You can give me 1 million, 1 billion, and I will wield them well. You can make a wish. You can be part and enjoy the adventure, rewards and redemption. You can tell me of your heart’s dreams, and I will honor them, hold them, and wish that they come true, and others, too.

I work for the Spirit of Life. I do not enter contract obligations. I don’t slip into a logo, I won’t have my nose powdered for tv, and I will not wear a tie. I will not lie, to you, or anyone else.

It’s not always easy, because it depends on people’s spirit. But all we can do is do. And we might as well do it with full force, since there is only one thing we call our own – TIME – and one thing that matters most to those suffering and getting extinct – TIME. So, if we can, let’s make this a #Speedrun to goal, because there will be many other things to do. #fullpowerchangemaking