My approach

is to enable the young generation at school to grow up learning and implementing humanity’s finest solutions for a good world for all – using the resources and model solutions of today’s Einsteins, Gandhis and Gryffindores, with options for real-time interaction with them, and other youth teams, teachers and citizens all over the planet. 

It comes with lots of win-win benefits

  • it brings global issues alive
    with young and adult hero role models
    with authentic high quality media
  • it turns crisis into hope and opportunity
  • it changes worldview of youth, people power, the future
  • it enriches learning culture with exciting projects that have real impact, relevant to society
  • it activates students’ intrinsic motivation
  • it adds meaning to fests, projects, class trips
  • it adds purpose to school papers and radio
  • it adds joy add purpose to teachers’ professional life
  • it enables collaboration with the local Education Landscape
It enables to achieve The Purpose Of Schooling
§1 The Purpose Of Schooling

The purpose of schooling is to unfold all of students’ precious talents, and to nurture an excellent degree of faculty of judgement, sound knowledge and skills.

The goal has to be the education of personalities that are able to strongly resist the ideology of nazism and all political ideologies aiming at a rule of force, and to form societal life on the basis of democracy, peace, liberty, human dignity, gender equality, and in harmony with nature and environment.

These personalities must be aware of their responsibility towards the general public, and their demeanor must be defined by the recognition of equal rights for all people, the respect of all honest conviction, and the recognition of the necessity for continuous development of societal conditions, and the peaceful agreements between peoples.

Education Law, State of Berlin, Germany

Check on yours. It will be similar.

Ask teachers, parents, students, no one knows. School and staff have been failing, even ignore their purpose.

This is why we experience today’s erosion of prosperity and peace. Today’s adult generations are failing across the board in every respect of able, active, caring citizenship, democracy, non-violence, totalitarianism, peaceful cooperation between nations.

It also proves that the past seventy years of subject teaching cannot nurture these skills.

It’s up to people whether they want to live their professional purpose, and live according to the law and, or whether they choose to ignore it and fail as a society.

I can only tell you what’s wrong. and what’s right. And give you the tools, methods and support to activate the proven success model at all your schools. But that’s already quite something, aye?

The path is clear.

Clearly, the new human model mastering these skills is embodied in today’s teenage hero*ines. They also show us how to make this learning culture part of daily life at school.

It is everybody’s right.

Every youth has the right to grow up learning to become like today’s finest hero*ine role models, and that their duty to attend school be balanced with the fulfillment of its purpose.

Every citizen has the right that the purpose of schooling be fulfilled, so that the young learn how to transform civilization to protect and restore peace and prosperity … so that citizens will not suffer in a collapsing violence society in their old age, which is not far from now.

Every commune Declaring Climate Emergency should put this on their top#1 priority, since today’s voters or x-mas cookie sales won’t cut it.

The most energized lesson of my career. Even the most quiet students had something to say.


Drawing on my past 20+ years with the world’s finest in education, youth leadership, active citizenship, good governance, sustainability sciences and social entrepreneurship,

  • I have gathered a rich collection of content, methods and partners 
  • with a focus on solutions, role models and action
  • harvested over ten years with the UNITED NATIONS Decade of Education for Sustainable Development
  • tested with various age groups in different settings on seven continents; yes, also Antarctica

Each element by itself enriches learning culture.

In combination, used by inspired teachers and student clubs year-round, they make life at school awesome.

These keywords give you a good idea …


of activities are self-organized by the changemaker student club

Hero Role Model Stories, Videos
Crash Courses
Club HQ
High Impact Student Clubs
Field Partners
Teaching Tools
Media Production
Upload to YL platforms
School Paper+Radio
School Fests
Share on local News Media
Online LearnScapes
UN Theme Days
Cultural + Natural Heritage
YL School Seal
#FridaysForFuture at School
All of this comes alive

in an informal approach, carried by

  • teachers using ‘add-ons’ in class
    thereby making youth leadership present at school, inspiring students, teaming up with the changemaker student club for contributions in class, activities …
  • inspired students in a ‘changemaker student club’
    that unites creative, committed youth caring for people and planet across classes and grades, with many talents and focus causes; 1 per class makes 20-50 per school, a formidable force

Both are equipped with

  • solutions, methods, tools of 100+ changemakers
  • 400+ proposed activities
  • tricks to activate youth, adults, public, workplaces, media

and “live support for real-time cooperation with

  • YL Staff and Volunteers
  • today’s Einsteins, Gandhis and Gryffindores, which by itself is historic
  • with local parents, citizen volunteers, partners in civil society, media, libraries, and city councils

It is a dream come true for students, teachers, changemakers and society. I am not shy to say it, because that’s what it is.

This wealth of resources is available free to caring youth, teachers and citizens on the YOUTH-LEADER website. You can get impressions in the sections ‘Activate Your School’, ‘Youth Teams’, ‘Change Generation Rising’ and Dragonheart School’.

The Tutorial

on the YOUTH-LEADER or CHANGE GENERATION RISING website is your best introduction to everything youth leadership, on these new tools and opportunities, and much more, for the people you know.

Support / Co-Produce

Help me

I have been looking for such role models throughout my career.


This is what school should always be like.


The exhibit was the best of the school action day. All students and teachers agree.
Education foundation


The school principal peeked in while we had our skype session. She just told me she has decided to run youth leadership courses for all 8th graders next semester.
Workshop leader


I design from a lot of knowledge

I have a degree in English & Sports for middle and high school, with a focus on highly participative and experiential learning.

From involvement in “school quality testing” studies, I have seen dozens of schools from inside. I have spent time with world-renowned principals, founders of global networks, experimental schools, avantgarde learning programs … and the genius guys that have upgraded Finland’s education system to ‘world champ’ status – and I know its secret, which, believe it or not, has not been explained in media for twenty years. And when I tell you, you’ll understand why all other systems are failing.

So, I know how good teachers think, and good learning culture.

I also know what even the best teachers don’t know :

Youth leadership, and how it thrives at any kind of school, entirely youth-powered as student clubs, or as global service-learning curriculum realized by teachers and clubs.

Plus I have spent my past 22 years in the company of bright minds and changemakers all over the planet, reporting on their solutions, acquiring their views … not for informing others, but for combining and implementing it. Besides, the genius rubs off. And I pass it on.

I can help you with exciting materials, methods, speakers, partners and “live” guidance, short- or long-term. I can consult, tailored to your context, and develop new programs with you.

It's super inspirational people and solutions

told in their authentic sizzling media. This means it’s super inspirational for students. One doesn’t need to add anything. The magic is in the resources. It makes for the best session ever. Because school stuff is so boring. Now is the time to make life at school awesome.