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Eric’s vision is to enable our global young generation at school to grow up learning with today’s Gandhis and Griffindores, implementing humanity’s finest solutions for sustainability, peace, joy and abundance for all. For tens of thousands of youth, this is already happening, using common social media, formal and non-formal service- and project-oriented learning, as a class or self-organized groups, at and beyond school.

Eric wants this vision to become true for all young people attending school, by scaling proven, solid practice models, live services and support networks and involving partners in sectors across the societal and generational spectrum, such as teachers, media, civil society and business owners, who all directly benefit from youth leadership.

Working at the intersection of youth leadership, positive news media culture, education, cultures, civil society, sustainability sciences, social entrepreneurship and active citizenship for twenty years, Eric has broad interdisciplinary knowledge, insights into changemaking, and partners spanning around the globe, generated through online collaboration and participation on conferences on six continents.

Eric has led two teams winning UNITED NATIONS Online Volunteering Awards, scored Pacemaker status in Ashoka’s re:imagine learning competition, been honored with the Images and Voices of Hope IVOH Award (like the founders of Kosmos Journal, Frontline and the director of TED), received 4 times official project status and round table membership with UNESCO and the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.

Born in 1971, with a background of franco-german parents, sports, gaming, DJing, counter cultures, teaching degree, world travel, journalism, blogging, vlogging and ten years among teenage heroInes, Eric has many stories, insights and action wisdom to share, changemaker anecdotes that you’ll read or hear nowhere else. His knowledge paired with fierce love, passion, warrior spirit and casualness make him a popular and recognized speaker among young people especially. His “18-” sessions (no “adults” allowed) have to-date always been rated “the most inspirational session of the event” and he has no intention of slacking down.

Deeply passionate about positive change for people and planet, Eric always enjoys sharing advice and support to newbies, budding and experienced young changemakers, as well as facilitating projects, campaigns and individual learning journeys.

Based in Berlin, Germany, Eric operates around the globe.

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My Uncle Tubulls, a wise man, a free savage, and hardboiled adventurer, once told me, “Before you read a book, read about the author, so that you know whether you can trust him. After all, his writing influences your mind and your view of life.”

I have found this to be very useful advice whenever I pick up a book about people or the world. So … here’s for you.


Eric Schneider is a Planetary Guardian – protecting life on Earth from all form of abuse. Eric has spent all his professional life inspiring young people to move into spheres of bliss, personal success and impact on people and planet that they have never imagined. Operating from Berlin, city of play, dance and the Love Parade, Eric’s extended family of students, volunteers and magicmakers has grown to thousands all around the planet, while generating beautiful performance and results.

Knowing of thousands of solutions for peace, joy and abundance for all, Eric sees a world of awesome for all within our reach. All we need to do is to take what works (”no need to reinvent the wheel”) and cultivate youth leadership – the crown jewel of changemaking – at all our schools.

With 20+ years of experience as a teacher, positive news journalist and social entrepreneur, Eric rigorously believes that young people should not have to suffer from unsustainable societies and adult’s traumas, nor be forced to pass on such suffering to their own children.

Eric loves people, especially young people, but also still alive, honorable people 19+, and boosting their daily lives with purpose, impact and uplifting community. Convinced that we are limited only by our (lack of) imagination, Eric is beyond excited about our new possibilities to empower our entire young generation to grow up implementing high impact solutions for peace and prosperity with the grand changemakers on the planet.

With YOUTH-LEADER, Eric brings finest teen hero spirit into the schools, homes, hands and hearts of our children. Believing that there is a Planetary Guardian in ALL of us, he wakes up every day excited to build programs that will impact the lives of people and planet for years to come, and awaken the heroIne in each of us to once again walk as princes and princesses in the Queendom of Nature.

Born a Blue Eagle Leo Sagittarius, grown up with sports, pen & paper fantasy roleplaying, DJ’ing, the early Love Parade, Australian adventure, nude mountain pics and tattoos before they became fashion … and then dragged out of the Matrix by a badass warrior – to wake up to the mission of taking back the planet from Deatheaters, he will perpetually back and challenge you to “Be More Awesome!”

The epitome of youth leadership.
Ken Jones, Environmental Educator

Your kind of thinking is very rare.
Polly Higgins, Earth Lawyer

We need YOUTH-LEADER in all of Canada’s schools.
Emma Mogus, Books With No Bounds

Excellent work.
Arthur Gillette, UN Youth Division

It’s so cool you’re bringing all of us together.
Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

Thank you for helping me realize my dream.
Babar Ali, World Rotary Teachers Award

A youtuber video I consider relevant. And that’s about it.


“You never change things by criticizing existing reality. To change something, create a new model that makes the current model obsolete.” – R. Buckminster Fuller.

It’s not only about model solutions, but even more about the new HUMAN model.

No one told you before, right?

That new human model is the able, active, caring citizen
of the next level collaborative society.

It’s no longer minions of monarchy, morons of fascism or informed voters. The “systems change” that people fantasize about is not about different talking heads in the same de-centralized parliamentary democracy. It is about the shift to the distributed model, like Open Source tech and blockchain, in which every cell of the societal organism is able, active and caring (not passive, toxic or trolling).

Unless we upgrade to that, we’ll never qualify as inhabitants of a peaceful, sustainable civilization. That’s a big deal, and it requires that the entire young generation grow up with it for years at school, and it become omni-present in media and public, so it overrides the dysfunctional programming, and makes people resilient against the 24/7 full spectrum  attacks executed with the combined past 90 years’ knowledge of psychological warfare. And deep fakes and 5G are only being rolled out…

If you care for life on Earth, you better put yourself fully into service to the splendid new.

What do stakeholders of monarchy have to contribute when a society switches to democracy?

Little to nothing.

They run on an obsolete operating system (mind-, feel- and do-set) that cannot run the new collaborative software

What do stakeholders of grossly unsustainable, sad societies have to contribute when a society switches to peace, joy and abundance for all?

Little to nothing.

They run on an obsolete operating system (mind-, feel- and do-set) that cannot run the new co-creative software

At a time that prosperity erodes, ecosystems collapse, child sexual abuse is rampant, diseases skyrocket, fascism rises, war is on the plate – and adults have no clue how to make things better – anything but empowering the young generation to protect, restore, create their world of peace, joy and abundance for all – is irrelevant dust, poop – and the ones to help us, to learn from, are those who are actually successfully doing it. Because 80% of human behavior is based on role models. BAM!

Unless you are doing it, with tangible results, be humble, learn, #BeMoreAwesome, share your achievements with me!