The sound of the generation rising “to protect our planet, our dreams, and shape the beautiful lives and future we want, no matter what!”

Change Generation Music

Every generation has its sound. Here is the sound of the generation rising with a feeling of “this is our planet, our people, our future, and we will protect it, no matter what!” Prick your ears, feel your heart, open up to your dreams, and let these angels sing you into your inner realms and places beyond your wildest dreams!

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Share this music with friends, teachers and children. Have deep conversations, add inspirational reading to bring the spirit come alive in action and stories.

Share with young activists – think of the music they use at their events, what difference these artists make for their people on stage, and what it would do, if they were flown in to perform… or rather, learn how to do that oneself!

Follow the artists online, support them, and get latest news to stay inspired and learn from them.

Use in Music Class. What could be more meaningful, up to date and captivating that such music, expressing the most important virtuous spirit of an emerging generation born to tackle humanity’s greatest predicament?

And co-create!

Co-Create !

Can you feel the spirit? Can you sing it? People are singing Taylor Swift, Jim Morrison, Freddy Mercury, Lemmy, and you know : you gotta feel like them to ‘impersonate’, to embody them, to let the spirit flow through you and fire up an audience.

Our time calls you to stop admiring others, but unlock these keys on your ‘inner piano‘! Try it, feel your Inner Hero*ine come alive! The Sirens among you will be able to step on stage, grab the mic, and fire up workshops, conferences and town fests! That’s the real deal!! (Why play off-topic sound at #FridaysforFuture? Seriously)

  • Immerse yourself in this spirit, learn the songs
  • Sing, record, upload, share with us, to publish.
  • Translate, and compose your own.

Join our music crew at YL, to connect with other Sirens, Wonders and Beasts to create the magical music of our time, and publish it across YL educational media, platforms and programs … this is hot!

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