Quick comments on the run … on what’s going on.

The Daily Dissector

Eric takes a casual look at the madness on daily news, in his social media streams, and casual chats with people … and points out  unbearable stuff that people are still putting up with, hurtful aspects inherited from earlier societies that no one any longer wants or needs.

It's not exactly enjoyable ...

to look at the toilet bowl of history, and watch the dysfunctional Unsustainable Societies go down the drain, and their sputtering ghouls full of shit. But there’s also learning and determination to gain from dispelling nonsense and myths, unmasking the ugly, recognizing dysfunctional organs of society, and to develop one’s strong NO! to all of that – to poop it out, and turn away from it, to lift one’s gaze up to the light, to step into one’s power and create the new.

This NO! is like an energetic springboard to energize and jump up to the next level – as a person, a changemaker, a group, a society. People use it. But we need to start using it on child abuse, dirty industry, hacked government, dark digital industry; not enough people feel those horrors strongly enough to say no and create the new.

It is necessary part of upgrading to a new, good society, and too many growing up in broken societies are still programmed by the old, useless ways, – including caring youth. So, there’s work to do. Let’s pull the crap apart.

It can actually be quite edutaining, depending on the mood of the day. Outrage cleanses rage out, too. And makes the dragon fly.

Be Part !

There’s enough crap going on, but you can send me some news articles on remarkable things, trends etc. Too many people are ignorant of shijt and horrible things boiling up in bad business and bad governance.

Depending on time, I might share my thoughts on it.

* Remember : it’s more important to know solutions; I’ll much better enjoy solutions, talk about them, and include them in YL reosurces and programs

Take Action!

If you enjoy this program, watch out for nonsense on the news, in conversations, and reject those stories and the people in them. Also, don’t get caught up talking about that crap; I only do so to educate folks. No more gossiping. Instead, you should

  • do away with most tv, news, netfilms, socials sucking lifetime
  • shift to uplifting ‘solutions media’ that empower you to doing relevant good for animals, plants and future generations
  • take action, boost young hero*ines, implement solutions

and have an awesome life!

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