YOU work with youth

  • caring for people and planet ?
  • at school, in public spaces ?
  • worried, angry, despaired about the world and future?

on fire to act … but empty-handed ?

Here you find simple, swift high impact solutions to enable youth, adults and professionals to live their GOOD DREAMS for people and planet

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Your benefits when you join :

Methods that work, used successfully with diverse groups and settings on all 7 continents over 14 years

enriching personal & professional lives

  • Fresh positive vision, more positivity
  • passion, purpose, joy, motivation
  • creativity, feel of agency
  • poster set for long-term presence
  • bond + daily inspiration via social media
  • many practical tools and partners, view below

‘ We have a planet to save ‘

This is the time to learn from teen hero*ines and geniuses changing lives and land FOR REAL how to inspire all caring youth and adults to do like them – with lots of FUN



We need this at all our schools

Tatyana, Ukraine and Russia

I never knew young peple do do this. This gives me so much hope.

Name, detail

The most inspiring videos I've ever seen. I feel adrenalin in my entire body. It make sme feel I want to jump u and do something, too

May, Egypt

I've been looking for such role models for my entire life

Teacher, Germany

I knew young people were doing stuff, but this is spectacular. I am floored by the potentials.

Name, Canada

Tears are literally streaming form my eyes as I write this ... I so much want this in my city


It makes me feel like I have learned nothing at all at school. There is so much to learn for me. And it is so exciting, because with these solutions I know we can change the world.

Steeve, Guinea

We have programs for SDGs - wow, but nothing like this. I am certain there will be much demand for it

Geoff, Great Britain

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Your Benefits

Workshop for $0€ + insights to YOUTH-LEADER methodology

Discover Youth Leadership - the most fascinating and game changing phenomenon on the planet


Immediately usable tools and methods with diverse groups, settings, causes and follow-up actions

Interactive, practice oriented & Online accessible from everywhere

ZOOM-recording for reflection and study

Enables diverse Self-organized high impact activities

Qualifies for access to advanced trainings with coaches community and to project partnerships

Here is what we treat in the ZOOM-workshop

” How – despite crisis – you can enable children and youth to make big changes for people and planet and shape their own lives and communities “


The Youth Leadership phenomenon - for all character types : warriors, planters, healers, builders, animal angels ...


The Power of Hero*ine Role Models & how to make them omni-present


at school: Changemaker Student Clubs


at the workplace + in key professions


Kickstart Challenges + Self-learning tutorials


30+ program modules to connect as you like


100+ missions with favorite causes for all


Living SDGs - in Action !


global community of action + coaches


a Gift for You : digital stories, videos, music


optional follow-up trainings + certification

The Key for solving most Problems :

Create an Enabling Environment for Youth Leadership and Citizen Action
with these common sense 5 Essentials

Role Models

form 80% of human behavior, much of it subconsciously, also via media – meet the world’s finest !

Changemaker Student Clubs

Self-organize year-round fireworks of action involving 100s of peers – every good teacher’s dream !

Project Partners

Boost high impact initiatives in crisis regions, reach milestones, video-meet, pay visits – truly shape the future of entire regions !



for newbies, teachers, advanced action, field trips + your campaigns – the every-body’s favorite’s teacher type and living legends !


for youth to gather, get on fire, learn solutions, team up and realize projects – at “public intersections” like libraries, parks – your city needs this !

What my Participants Say

Never have I experienced a workshop so inspiring, so hopeful, so eye opening to a new world ... feeling able to give my students powers to do something about the future

Teacher, Germany

Your stories of young changemakers have inspired our youth and our staff to give more responsibility to our teenage members. They have launched new programs, excel in raising funds, and in times of our absence run the organization. We are proud to say that in three years we have become our state's largest youth-led organization, thanks to you.

Activist, India

I used some of the stories in my English class. It's been one of the most energized lesosns of my career. Even the most quiet ones had something to say. Students are inspired and wish to get involved.

Teacher, Korea

My throw-back from UN Peace Day. The posters were a smash hit with the students. smash hit with the students. The headmaster dropped in and decided to do an exhibit for the entire school. I was so tired that morning ... but the experience was so incredible from the first minute that I am still on fire. You should have been there !!

Teacher, India

I used the story set with students in a creative design course. Due to unforeseen events, they only had 1 session left to prepare an activity for the School Project Day - and decided to do an interactive exhibit - and beleive it or not, ALL students and teachers agree that it was the day's best installation!

Youth coach, Germany

Whenever we addressed global issues in class, a dark cloud formed over the group. Since we viewed the stories, videos and music, mood has changed from doom and gloom to positive vision, a sense of exploration and enthusiam. It is like a switch was hit in the entire group, and since this time projects have become part of life at school.

Teacher, USA

This workshop helps you re-awaken in Youth & Adults

trust in humanity, in themselves, their peers, in life, in their dreams, heart, feelings, wisdom, skills, powers, agency and the right to creating the GOOD WORLD they love

If we want to see positive change in the world, hiding behind experts and waiting for government to pay someone to fix problems is not going to help.

Being the change means learning TO DO like today’s Gandhis and Gryffindoreslike we learn the world’s best eye shade, smoothie, songs, gaming and dance moves – and wield humanity’s finest solutions in our home region – with a sense of fun, magic and adventure.


Eric Schneider has …


spent 21 years as pioneer at the intersection of positive news, sustainability solutions, education, youth leadership and social entrepreneurship with grand changemakers all over Earth


designed and used media, methods and programs with diverse groups and settings on all 7 continents


trained 1,000s of youth, teachers, professionals worldaround


collaborated with dozens of world experts and institutions


world’s #1 speakers bureau for young and adult hero*ines


added teen hero*ines to 10+ major events in Europe, India, South America


coached 5,000 Online Volunteers from 70 countries, in 14 languages


co-created 30+ workshops, side events, day- and week-long programs


been initiated to sacred traditions of 5 continents, serves #fulltimeforfuture to protect Life on Earth and help people Live Their Good Dreams

+ his article on Babar Ali in India’s English textbook reaches … all Indian kids


Eric Schneider


is teacher, adventurer, journalist, social entrepreneur, youtuber and coach


changemaking as a “SPORT”

  • pick favorite disciplines & activities
  • high impact & societal relevance
  • milestones & cause for celebration
  • individual talent and teamplay
    = high motivation, agency

modular approach enables multi-faceted self-organized action
= initiate and evolve youth leadership and communities of practice


only authentic resources charged with genuine hero*ine feeling radiating their passion, purpose, wit and joy
= unlocks the Hero*ine key on young people’s inner piano

  • non-/formal in class, clubs, extrac.
  • linked learning, student leaders
  • project-oriented, big goals
  • tangible impact, societal relevance
  • badges for completed milestones

peer-2-peer learning, mentoring, networking, public speaking, media work, also in public spaces


collaboration with world class experts & high impact changemakers

+ works in a spirit of FUN, epic, love and adventure


if you wish …


to activate friends, schools, audiences, co-workers, followers


to change lives and land, an entire region’s future … fast & for real


to add purpose and vocation at home, school, workplace & live your professional ideals as teacher, public librarian, journalist, councillor


to enrich Whole Day School learning culture and excursions


to boost youth’s mental health


to add hero*ine spirit to public spaces


to bring SDGs to life

Then, it becomes easy to “awaken youth to live their love for people and planet”.

Then, young people can take action and evoke massive changes – like their hero*ine peers – and with them!

En masse. That’ll be fun!

… and discover the power of 100s of stories, activities and partners to freely mix and combine fitting setting, occasion, interests and goals + working with stellar changemakers and like-hearted youth and adults all over the planet + to live your Heart’s dreams and lead a lead a life of adventure from day #1

This you can experience only with Eric and his badass friends

Use your chance and be LIVE with us for $ 0 € …

Millions of lives changed, hundreds of awards, bedtime stories don’t lie

Our young generation deserves humanity’s finest solutions

Equip yourself & become Young People’s best friend !

Your kind of thinking is very rare

Polly Higgins, Ecocide

The epitome of youth leadership

Ken Jones, wildlife legend

YL gives me so much power!

Skhumbuzo, community organizer, S. Africa

Thank you for helping me realize my dream

Babar Ali, world’s youngest headmaster

Changemaking is My Life.

You have to love youth, their allies, life on Earth, follow your passion – and you’ll see beautiful changes

The most important question for you is :

Why have you come to this planet at this special time?

You will be given what you need to do it

Our encounter may be part of that path 🙂 like it has been for many others