The solutions exist (video ETP)

Youth Leadership

youth self-organizing projects that change lives, land, learning, laws and industries

at already more than 22,000 schools in North America is a dream come true for learning culture, parents, mayors AND as youth grow up applying solutions involving their community they evolve new skills as Able Active Caring Citizens and honor-able governors already in their twens … which makes youth leadership a game changer for society. 

Europe has much to catch up on, but since the methods are known, it can happen rapidly for those inspired “to live changemaking as their favorite sport.”

Hence, my #1 priority is to activate youth leadership en masse, reaching all young people in their daily hangout – schools.


With Changemaker Student Clubs at every school, the future will be fine. Also, the NOW will be fine.

Hence, my goal is the only relevant, feasible and reasonable one – to rapidly activate YL Warrior Clans at 1 million schools. And I call all adults to take part by acquiring the simple knowledge, skills and tools to do so.


Adults’ role is to inspire and support on-demand

Key Professionals have a special function

20th Century Parliamentary Democracy has served its purpose to achieve a life in dignity for the working masses slaving away in abominable conditions in the Industrial Era. In short, the de-centralized era did great to step away in peace from the centralized era, and its task is now complete. Today, it is no longer functional to wait for national government to tweak rules or pay someone to solve local and regional problems. Protests and strikes have zero effect. People are disenchanted with parliamentary democracy, since its time is over, it is rotting and has been totally hacked by dirty industry. That’s okay. Instead of fretting about it, it is time to look for- and upwards and upgrade from incompetent, impotent voters to the next level of Able Active Caring Citizen.

Standing behind the experts is no longer enough. It is time to join the ranks of the changemakers. This is the time to learn humanity’s finest solutions and apply them locally, like everybody learn the world’s best eye shade, smoothie, dance and gaming moves from youtube. 

Hence, I create the missing link between today’s Einsteins, Gandhis and Gryffindores, enable readers to turn into users, boost and wield their solutions to change lives land, learning, laws and industries at record pace and scale like today’s hero*ines do. And with them!

For Adults …

The point is that 20th Century voters is no longer good enough. We are now in the distributed model, view open source software and blockchain, where every cell of the organism is involved actively and ably (is that a word?). The time of protest and results, waiting for the national government to pay someone to fix local problems is officially over. It’s plain proven by the past 10 years.

What’s needed today is that every cell of the societal organism learns humanity’s finest solutions – like everybody learn the world’s best eye shade, smoothies, dance and gaming moves from youtube – and applies them regionally. These are no longer voters. These are Able Active Caring Citizens. 

Unfortunately, only a few people have visionary antenna to feel the emerging suffering and the Heart to decide to learn, upgrade and act and evoke tangible changes for people and planet.

The materialist majority, staring at the soil, machinery and excel tables, only reacts when they feel the suffering in their physical and emotional body. It was like this when visionaries asked the monarch to grant workers a life in dignity, but the king didn’t love his people, and the monarchists ridiculed the visionaries. So, the Soviet Revolution and World War 1’s trenchees had to burn young soldiers to ashes and slime. Then, people at last said no to monarchy. Now, the People was sacred.

But the people didn’t love humans in their diversity. So, they sorted out homosexuals, Jews, Communists… The visionaries warned, but fascists said no worries, it’ll calm down. It did not. So, they had to suffer concentration camps, the Eastern Front, and as they sat in their bombed out cities they said no to fascism. Now, the human was sacred, human rights, child rights, women rights, gay rights… 

But humans didn’t love nature. “I can eat as many tortured pigs and cut down as many forests as I like”, and the visionaries warn of ecosystem collapse, but the Unsustainable Society’s inhabitants (politicians, shareholders, engineers, journalists, lab scientists, PR mafiosi, teachers, parents, workers…) say “it won’t be so bad, tech is gonna fix it”. 

And so, it must happen. Because Earth’s cosmic clock will forward us to the next level that we poop our dirty industry and the dark digital industry. And if people are lazy … it’s gonna hurt. Half of humankind will disappear this century. Then, at last, Nature will be sacred again. 

Note: In terms of these upgrades, I speak of Europe and North America. What will be in places where not even the people or humans are yet sacred today, but still subjected to obscene violence, abuse, dehumanization and conditioning in totalitarian monarchies and dictatorships from Morocco to Pakistan, in China, Czechnya, North Korea, Russia and diverse South American and African “colonial” spaces where forest dwellers are considered apes … is for their inhabitants to figure out.

But then, humans are not that important. 

The priority task is to save as many species into that new era. Not in gene code crap, but for real. So, make the Land strong, make the People strong. As you do so, you create a bubble of light of lovely people that protects you from the worst suffering of the dark ocean that engulfs humanity; and over time this bubble becomes a tunnel of Light through this period. 1914, it was 4 years. 1939, it was 6 years (for souls born into the imaginary borders of Russian and China, it’s 83 years, now). This time it will be longer, but not too long.

I have compassion with the animals, plants, species and the coming generations watching this shitshow and who are to be given a shit world by today’s lazy adult generations lacking Heart to learn and do something relevant. 

Reincarnation is solid fact. Your doings today determine exactly whether you get reborn itno a merry eco village or into an AI-controlled slave city on scorched lands. Both will exist.

My choice ic clear.

And to all those with LOVE, I offer humanity’s finest in youth leadership, learning culture, active citizenship and sustainability solutions to live their Dreams, now and in the future.