Gain insights how my life with YOUTH-LEADER and Change Generation RISING unfolds.

News from Eric’s Trail

I’ll share my life practically ‘unfiltered’. 

This will get really interesting when my pace of life picks up, getting around, at events, meeting changemakers, organizing workships and camps …

It can become a “live” tutorial for YL Volunteers …

showing conversations, cooperation and coaching with children, citizens and councillors committed to creating a collaborative civilization.

Many youth only know life at school, their parent’s profession, and superficial impressions on the internet. Like much stuff on youtube, these clips can show you what else is out there, take you out of your box, spark ideas on how you wish to live your life, and give you some leads how to achieve it.

Be part!

Give me something to talk about. Something that adds to  my mission for people and planet.

Projects, activities, collaboration for empowering youth, activating schools, the citizenry…

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