Get big picture views on what’s going on. And large-scale solutions for terra- and civilization-forming.

Planetarian Perspectives

Here’s Eric’s eagle eye views on the state of the planet, on our societies, on genius solutions, on citizen movements, on bugs that sabotage even well-meaning people from achieving a good world for all … and on your role in all of that.



The world is multiplex, and you have to approach issues from different perspectives. Often, people are lost among trees, or crawl in moss and mud. Eric takes you up in the air on Eagle’s wings to see the forest, the big picture, zooms in, looks at different shades and phantoms, and shows clearings, gardens, brighter meadows beyond that forest … up to the heavens, and down into canyons of horror that need to be healed. Things that the 99% don’t notice, hence fail to solve.
What's there to see?
  • massive solutions for material matters
  • different views from the stuff you usually hear; and which do not suffice. These additional angles can help complement understanding, untangle cobwebs and shackles in your mind, in your society. OR simply mirror you that your thoughts and feelings are OKAY. That you are sane, not the morons with way too much airtime to poop their opinions and trauma onto people.
  • omni-cultural views … since your culture is one of 3,000, and it is not a succeeding one. Messed up societies suffer from untrue worldview. There’s much to learn from others on what life on Earth is really like, and how to live it in harmony, free from phantoms feeding on you; and free from feeding on others!
A few words on Eric and your society's 'experts'
Eric’s been put on a window seat on Spaceship Earth by universal scholars with indigenous roots, and that’s something special.

He’s also been around masters in creating awesome schools, communities, model solutions in food, water, well-being … and he sees where things fail, are messed up, sabotaged, he knows many ships on the ocean of change, their captains, knows of mutinies, hidden pirates, false victors, and assassins.

Eric’s called family by top notch visionary experts, traditions’ highest chamans, teen hero*ines. His views are way beyond the experts, politicians and blindered views of political journalists, born into the labyrinth of an unsustainable, hurtful society that permeates their body, feelings, misconception about life, love, animals, this planet and the universe

… all of them failing to create functional societies (which suffices to disqualify their ‘authority’)

… and pooping nonsense like “women are lower creatures”, “we believe in science, one needs to eat animals to survive”, “the function of animals is to get eaten”, “no chance for survival on Earth”, “heroism means taking risks”, or “the old is dying, the new is not yet born, it is the time of monsters”.

… all of these quotes are from “religion’s”, science’s and societies’ ‘highest’ experts … total moron talk, backward, uneducated, and not alive.

With such experts, you have no chance.

If you tolerate their statements and don’t strip them off their honors, powers, incomes, and dismantle their institutions, and restructure their governments… don’t even consider assuming you could judge Eric’s views.

So, see which additional angles you can win to find enlightenment, detect bugs in your society and culture, liberate yourself from their prisons, and keep this in mind when aiming to fix problems and upgrade society.

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