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I can help you

with knowledge, vision, tools, methods, partners and community

as interviewee, speaker, coach, consultant, project partner … on matters around

staying sane and leading a life of awesome, creating the bright world we all wish to see

making life at school awesome

adding real world hero*ines and high impact action options to your programs and platforms

upgrading your news medium, especially local newspapers incl free ones, with solution stories, hero spirit and ways to get involved

upgrading events with youth spirit, can-do feel, inspiring music, action, speakers, follow up

finding great projects, partners etc for internships, volunteering, gap years, learning journeys

exciting partners and ventures for charitable partnerships

putting your celebrity and wealthholder status to service to youth and your focus causes

societal and planetary changes, and the role of citizens, key professions, youth.

inspiring and empowering the young generation

connecting into schools – to teachers and youth

cultivating youth leadership at school

upgrading libraries into community learning centres and citizen hubs

creating positive, vibrant media presence

establishing uplifting spirit and positive change in public spaces

big vision and frameworks for “re-dreaming your region” and “the city we all want to live in”

making your region “climate crisis resilient” while restoring food, peace, water, energy sovereignity and solving lots of eco-social problems, activating citizens and nurturing the young change generation, using a framework of 70+ model policies and initiatives

making the conversation, podium and event less boring


Browse these pages for impressions of things I do that may serve you. We can remix, adapt and dream up other things.