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Do you appreciate that this channel exists?

Do you see value in my knowledge, coaching and projects? You can help make them available to people, cities and societies in need.

WHAT DO I DO? I do everything I can

  • to liberate HERO*INES to unfold their powers 100-fold
  • to empower youth at 100,000 schools to wield humanity’s best solutions, in real-time cooperation with today’s Gandhis; how freakin’ amazing is that?

It’s common sense, simple, huge, but why is no one doing it? World experts say ‘hats off’, a ‘gamechanger’, people call me ‘an angel’, agree ‘this should be at all schools’, shamans sense and say ‘wouw’. Today’s Gandalfs and Dumbledores see it. Will you? 

I need people to take part in empowering the Change Generation. Backing of TPG lays my personal foundation to act, create, roam free … and unlock other programs at high speed!

You become part

in bringing this program to life as part of a *TEAM*

  • as “co-producer”
  • as a community that takes part in spreading the spirit, info, the activities and changemakers in it
  • as users that give feedback on topics
    and get on the show to tell of their experience


I have all these other projects to run, as Admiral of a planetary fleet … I wish the day had 100 hours! 

I need my time free, without distraction or worry, and to pay core staff to bulldoze ahead and communicate fast, high class, no delay. Smooth and professionally. We have a planet to save! 

  • #1 to liberate my time to unfold my powers to the max
    = I need donations to run on $2,000€ per month
  • #2 employ core staff for daily creative communications in high quality manner; 2nd milestone donations

I can wholeheartedly say that it is remarkable how such backing feels like wind under one’s wings.

Be Part !

Join the Tribe

  • make a small monthly recurring donation
  • spread the word, to media, also in other languages
  • act as superfan 🙂 = share strongly on social media
  • report on your experiences with the tools and activities
  • how else could you help? bring in your ideas
Also : I need your time TO SEED & SPREAD

Think of it like a vast volunteer-powered organization, serving 4 billion youth and their allies in 190+ countries …

  • to spread the message to friends and multipliers like news media and professional users
  • to follow my call to please boost! today’s young Gandhis and Gryffindores to take their high impact solutions to greater scale – for the impact on people and planet we all want to see; no need to re-invent the wheel. Do these!
  • to take the tutorial that trains you on dimensions of youth leadership and sparking it around you in years ahead
  • to start using the tools in your home, profession, at work

and then by people with resources:

  • funds and in-kind support for my PROJECTS.
Also : I need your company ON THE TEAM

to join the team, to support all my projects, whichever you enjoy best!!

  • as follower
  • user,
  • partner
  • local YL Volunteer for face2face interactions,


  • Online Volunteer for creative communication as writer, networker, graphic artist, video artist, translator, transcriber, editor, team coordinator …

Like everything in my work it is designed to UPLIFT YOUR LIFE, also. With inspiration, mission, vocation, can-do feel, and evolving precious changemaker skills.

Why pay this guy a living?


Look, I’m a teacher. I am.

Not at a state school. At an alternative school a free school. A private school. YL, all those projects, are a school

It’s the real Hogwarts, learning the magic to bring light into this world and restore Paradise.

Teachers get paid by the adults making precious quality education for the kids possible.

You can also think of it as workshops, summer camps, coachings. People pay for that. A lot. That’s evident.

What does this guy do?


I create educational materials, tools and resources

Magazine, websites, teaching tools, flyers, coloring books, action guides, teacher guides, tutorials, crash courses, exhibits …

I coordinate and coach staff of this global positive publishing empire.

I teach students at schools

through crash course presentations

I coach young changemakers

through crash course workshops

I coach YL Volunteers globally

to give presentations at schools and support youth teams

I teach, online

for sharing on social media

What else will he do?


I create coaching community

speakers, field partners, YL volunteers, Boost Club … serving and empowering millions to evoke massive changes

I cooperate with key professionals

teachers, journalists, librarians … to empower youth; 1,000’s each!

I consult cities

to activate their youth and citizenry

I organize summer camps

for life-changing experiences

I take campaigns into schools

to establish Earth Law, restore landscapes, protect the oceans into the world’s schools and public

Who is this guy? What a legend!

Do you really want me to instead spend my days teaching “the car is green” and “run in circles as fast as you can” to kids fenced into school, and not really interested in this?

No offense to my English and Sports teacher colleagues,

  • but I can add a few precious things that the world also needs,

if I simply don’t have to worry how to pay my bills, or run after side jobs wasting time and getting freakin stressed out, immensely lowering my productivity and belief in humanity, whether they bloody deserve this, if they pay money for all sorts of crap but not … THIS STUFF LISTED ABOVE.

* Once finance flows via engines like book sales, speaker bookings, city coachings etc, I can waive personal donations … or rather : keep ’em flowing and direct surplus money into projects; I’ve always been doing it, and will keep doing it. 

“I love it, I support this with a 5er, I want to be part of the team,”

people decide this instantly. Or they don’t. There is no need for lengthy arguments to convince them.

Still, I’ll add a few words on why I consider this worthy of people’s support, and as a link for when people ask me

“How do you respond to dumb comments by incompetent inhabitants of the Unsustainable Civilization?”

and for those wondering

“Why doesn’t someone so good-looking of such brilliant intelligence have a top income, all expenses paid by the government, and a UN Pass granting free flights, rides and hotel stays all over Earth?”

Yes, that’s would be appropriate.

Saving people and planet requires a wartime mobilization effort.

Lester Brown, 2004. Greta Thunberg 2018

I say a wartime mobilization effort is very different from what we are seeing today. I say it’s equipping all adults to empower all youth at school (because they have the spirit, skills and TIME) to implement humanity’s full spectrum of solutions for peace and sustainability. It’s super fun,  evolves ace skills, friends, a rich life! The bundle of required PROJECTS is available.

This Century is the finale between the forces of Evil and the forces of Light and Love deciding the future of Life On Earth.

Evil runs trillion dollar industries at full pace, millions of trained highly skilled workmorons in fully equipped offices. There is a yet sleeping PLANETARY ARMY of youth teams at 1 million schools. What are you doing? Which role do you choose for Eric on the global chessboard? General, Merlin, water boy, editor, translator, graphic artist, flyer distribution, mailing envelopes ?

When Eric has to earn a living selling veggies on the market, he is off the playing field.

That is the decision that people with financial resources (that’s a magical power) have to decide now.

I would send that captain out on the playing field, in golden armor, with winged boots, a 4-horse chariot, shooting lightnings, an aura spanning the skies, a voice moving mountains and reaching into the night’s dreams of all children and teachers.

It’s up to people to decide now what they priorize.

How many other sites, media, people or NGOs do you know that convey such information?

That empower people to run projects and campaigns? That support the hero*ines that news media thrive on, feed on? That address kids, teens, teachers and ordinary citizens as badass adults that can transform the lives of millions; as one person, like today’s grand changemakers.

Running THE PLANETARY GUARDIAN is important

and precious to complement YL MAGAZINE, train young warriors and YL Volunteers, coach #teachersforfuture, inspire people, expand their worldview, sustain their spirit daily, and promote hero*ines to the world = to educate others, equip them with solutions, and generate support.


for people to enter the world of changemaking. In these busy, chaotic times, we have to use and design various formats to CONNECT with people. Like books, workshops, flyers, market stands … and brief clips for learning and sharing on-the-go. That’s why we need this.

Plus, we have deep conversations and coaching etc that no one outside expert conferences yet had access to.

A few thoughts on … things I never thought of when watching youtube.

Do you sense the value in The Planetary Guardian?

in the info, inspiration, tricks and tools help people kick off real changes, with considerable impact on kids’ and people’s lives? People admire young hero*ines, and how they activate schools. So, … why don’t youth, teachers, citizens, organizations also activate schools, create public presence, raise $5,000@ monthly, work with hero*ines, generate positive news? They don’t know how.

How much do people pay for workshops?

This is like an ongoing workshop – online – because I cannot multiply myself for 10,000 daily workshops all over Earth.

This is work, and it eats up lifetime

… that few are willing to commit. Look, I am not an internet nerd that loves spending his time in a cave staring at pixels eating pizza.

How many expert voices do you get online?

Experts are busy on their paid full-time jobs, and never even think of 4 billion youth and 4 billion adults outside their academy, organization or social business venture. Many  don’t even want to use email, and for sure won’t spend time to get in good, uplifting, playful mood for you, spend hour/s editing, uploading, ticking boxes, writing texts, editing images, posting online.

Besides, how many experts do you see convey things in ordinary language?

How many experts help OTHER changemakers?

Frankly, I don’t know of any. Changemakers are busy with their own venture, their own horse. There’s reasons for that, but that’s precisely why the stuff I do here with hero*ines and you multiplied by 8 billion citizens is special! If you just please all understand and get involved boosting these hero*ines, their solutions, and thereby activate folks around you.

How many address local positive change?

Most “experts”

  • are experts on one thing only.
  • could not create this multi-faceted channel, connecting topics in common sense words, and usable for action.
  • have no clue of youth leadership in its massive forms.

Geniuses? Look, revered Stephen Hawking recommended people to work hard to leave Earth, because he sees no chance for life on Earth. Well, … a genius? … that knows nothing of the amazing world of solutions and changemakers … and tells a mass media audience to give up. Hey, congratulations on your well educated “experts” in science and mega corporations with their Yale and Harvard degrees. To me that’s all morons doing not even 1% of what’s needed for relevant positive change, but rather create horrid negative impact, by sustaining the old and taking up space and time in media and on podiums, thereby blocking the new from gaining presence.

What do such “experts” have to teach you? You. I say : nothing.

See, I’m just chatting but no one else chats about this stuff.

How many experts are available to help you?

Greta, Malala, Emma Gonzalez … available or busy? Could they help you for your local issues?

For many hero*ines in YL programs, I build the link and bridge as messenger and doorkeeper.

I’m here, I am available. I provide tools.

Which youtube shows invite you on the show on stuff that matters?

I don’t know of any.


So, how can Greenpeace give free presentations?

Remember : Greenpeace etc also live on donations, and their staff coming over for presentations for free can only do so because … they are paid staff, paid by donations, … or they do it as an intern, a student living on parents’ money, or do it as a hobby beside their paid job.

I work on YL double full-time, 10-16 hours a day, day and night across timezones, and 7 days a week. That is how one can sustain the communications required for these services and partnerships. It’s okay. I was able to sustain this for years juggling side jobs, but it is no longer possible, having to be mobile for workshops, spend ever more hours in production, consulting, giving workshops, coaching volunteers, … I just need to be liberated to do so. My monthly expenses are low.

You have awards etc., why don't you get paid?

Unfortunately, awards don’t mean recognition by those that don’t know these awards. And who shall I work for? Which organization would pay me for doing international work on youth leadership and positive news media and cangemaker clubs at schools… if they don’t even know those topics exist?

Much of my work is pioneer work, building things before they take effect, to show a model ready for launch. Testing it with real world people. also, innovation never fits funding, because geniuses don’t work in administration or funding offices, hence the people there don’t even recognize innovation, nor does it fit their current topic focus.

This is not my frustrated egoistic view; the Right Livelihood Award, run by able people, honored Wangaari Maathai “discover” geniuses decades before the Nobel Council does, which gets nominations from governments (that have zero competence in positive change) in 1984, when she was running The Green Belt Movement (view) The Nobel Prize honored her in 2004.

Why can't you get funding?

YL programs evolve organically, hence it is not possible to predict exactly how many schools, teachers, students will be touched by date X, (a) because promotion requires a huge budget), and (b) since one cannot tell how they respond, also because new regulations, tests, holidays or crisis interfere.

Funding programs, like EU programs, often require to squeeze into tight and suffocating “straight jackets”, like this: requires multiple program partners in X countries, one must finance 50% oneself (from donations, public or own money; yo, like $100,000, no problem), is forced to under/pay staff according to specific guidelines, has to document every single penny, requiring a half-time secretary (“full-time!” tell me frends in NGOs), if a penny is missed, one may have to pay back everything. Also, one must not start the project before the funding is granted (and if you don’t win the grant, another year has been lost waiting). Oh, not to mention that sometimes, one receives part of the money after completion of the project. Whereas that really makes zero sense, much of the other makes sense, but

… it simply doesn’t work for what I do, and for innovation.

Another anecdote. A major global social entrepreneur funding network ran a competition on “innovation in learning”. There were 100s of applicants, and I did pretty well, just missed the final. 3 of 4 prizes went to their own fellows (well, it’s smart people, but still…) and the $25,000 prize went to an already running program with a million dollar annual budget … burning off the 25K in a single month. But they are actually already finance, just get this award on top. So, … how much is this a competition for supporting “innovation”? Staff agreed, and considered rethinking their process for next time. I am not complaining … it is just an anecdote on how not easy it is to get funding for good innovative programs via TOP-DOWN finance.

And – do you want me to finance myself and YL programs via big corporates? I swear, they like sponsoring “youth at school doing good stuff” and take photos and show off on tv and big magazines and facebook. I do not accept this. Local company support for local teams is fine, since there is a human link. But tagging YL programs or myself with a big logo coming with corporate thinking and contracts … no way.


Hence, for me, YL and young hero*ines, it’s :

stay flexible, mobile, respond to the moment …

… to unlock idling potentials for millions of young people to live their dreams and do good for people and planet.

The good things is …

we need not wait for top-down narrow funding.

We have many ways of kicking these programs off – via book sales, donations, crowdfunding, giving back cool perks and experiences, specific funding, people investing in their school, district, city … so let’s go AS CARING CITIZENS and prove to the kids and Earth that we care as people!