Hosted by Eric, The Planetary Guardian brings you ace changemaking knowledge straight from today’s Einsteins, Gandhis and Gryffindores. Wield it!

The Hero Show

world-premiere conversations with today’s grand changemakers providing transformational solutions for our societies, protecting our people, restoring our planet, healing our communities, upgrading our societies, creating peace, bliss and abundance for all, with lust for life and a good sense of silly.

Their solutions are powered by people, fit for replication by you and me. This means – what we’re talking about has real-life value for you and the world! So tune in, enjoy, learn, remember, and share with people that can super benefit from these solutions.

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NEW : Co-produce an episode !

Would you like us to get a YOUNG or ADULT hero*ine you love on the show? We can try to do so, and create an episode

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AND we will

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  • mention you as co-producer in credits, film, text, and personal shout-out

Epic, huh?


We act in a spirit of service to hero*ines. They are humanity’s finest, and they embellish our days. Hence, we wish to make them gifts in return. This is FUN! We use this approach for YL Speakers with schools, and Field Partners. We think this is the proper way of backing the world’s hero*ines, do our part, be more awesome, activate our folks, and it forms a bond, too.

Here’s how we handle this.

For co-production, we need to keep track of our basics, that’s $200€. Further, we like to make it memorable for you, add to the story, and of course make our hero*ine’s day.

  1. Add $200€ as gift to the hero*ine‘s initiative, or, if s/he declines, to a young YL hero*ine or project of her choice. If you cannot afford it yourself, you can call in friends online, throw a Philanthro-Party, do bakesales. You have a good story: It’s for the hero*ine’s initiative! You have their story, video, plus that you want to build additional support for them by putting them into YL media! Hey, don’t be shy about scoring a bold milestone. Your workplace might generate $1,000, 10K or 100K.
  2. You can make an in-kind gift, drawing on your personal, business or friends’ skills, such as web design, a campaign, yummy treats, an eco-lodge stay … 
  3. You can take action for the hero*ine’s initiative. This can take many forms, from a book drive to getting the whole school to organize a public action, implementing their solution at your school … 

If you do something spectacular, we’ll get you on the show, too! So, be awesome. Or modest. You choose. We do not put expectations on you. We think it’s ace that you are part and even so awesome to co-produce! Yay!

Once we agree to get this hero*ine on the show, we can meet for a chat to explore gift ideas, and how to proceed.

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