Everybody loves young hero*ines, feels inspired with hope. But that is not the idea. The idea is that you (help 4 billion youth) do like them!

Youth Leadership 101

Eric introduces you to essentials and secrets, from FUNdraising and student clubs to media magic, activating adult allies and exciting partnerships.

There’s special focus on action at school, all young people’s daily hangout, setting up HQ, making school awesome, and comments on what approaches can help tackle specific problems, and help youth movements achieve their goals.

We also take a big look at workplaces, adults’ daily hangout, and some key professions. Also, how store, cafe, bar and club owners can make huge contributions – and at family life.

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Hey, once everybody does their part, we can create a world of awesome in no time! That’s what it is about. So, inhale this, learn, share it in your next decades in life, and wield that knowledge.

Eric’s projects give you the tools, tricks and support to wield every single topic addressed like a boss and make massive changes. Go, rock, document, and tell your story on the show!

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what differs teen hero*ines from 4 billion kids? what makes a hero*ine, and what makes them so inspirational?

is it true that their parents are not involved at all? (yes)

what is youth leadership, what is not, compared with youth voice, participation, youth-powered…?

what is the role of adults and what are no-no’s?

what can parents do at home, school, public, workplace?

what are the superpowers of youth at school, why is school the key space for empowering the change Generation?

what is the role of Change Generation music?

what is the role of lifestyle challenges and social experiments?

why do everything, from charity to campaigns, music, film and low tech for development?

how to put the FUN into fundraising

changing negative to positive youth image in media

turning public libraries into afternoon youth crew headquarters and co-working spaces

how citizens can boost young hero*ines

how citizens can boost local youth leadership

how can I activate my big company in creative ways that raise everybody’s attention, passion and support?

activating all sorts of workplaces for youth leadership

beautiful rich family activities around doing good for people and planet

everything about the power of role models and how to use it at home, school, media and public

making youth leadership omni-present in public spaces

how to introduce youth leadership in classrooms (as youth, teacher or citizen) aiming at inspired group action, long-term

making youth leadership omni-present at schools

creating epic inter/national project partnerships with hero*ines

how to counter growing neglect and violent atmosphere in town and citizenry through widespread youth leadership

why widespread youth leadership is (the only) key to an active citizenry and next level collaborative society

how to boost youth leadership as a mayor

why #fridaysforfuture achieves no tangible results

how #fridaysforfuture can achieve tangible results

reducing gun violence

greening food deserts

cleaning up urban rivers and lakes

how youth can create climate crisis resilient regions

how youth can create Paradise City that we all want to live in

youth leadership for peacemaking in (post-) crisis regions

what is the “American Spirit” that makes teens in North America so “hero” … and the rest of the world so boring? and how can one unlock it in everybody?

violence in childhood, authoritarian regimes and religions, and the status and role of youth leadership

what hampers youth leadership / at school in specific regions, and how can it be activated?

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